Do you ever feel lost? Stuck in a routine? Feel like your doing so much, but still not getting the results you desire?

You find yourself doing the same thing over and over but still not getting better results? Well, that was me.

April 13, 2017, I made a decision to take charge of my life. To do things differently and I couldn’t be more happier. I went from a routined life of living paycheck to overdraft fees, little to no savings and barely seeing the inside of a plane. To now traveling MORE, saving MORE, earning MORE income and experiencing life how I choose. Currently on a part time basis.

All I really wanted was to design my ideal lifestyle…and I found out exactly how I could make that a reality.

Welcome to McMillan’s On The Go ™️

I know the name suggest only travel, but that’s far from it. I’m here to inspire you to take charge of your life. To design it how you choose. To show you have to earn income from the comfort of your home. To travel and experience the world on your terms, while saving and earning. I am here to inspire you to design your ideal life and transform it into what you see fit.

But who am I?

That one time in Chicago

I’m Kevine (Kev-veen), I am currently a full-time educator, a wife, a mom of three amazing blessings. I am the main writer behind the blog, Just Travel and Explore with pop up collaborations from my hubby, Vincent.

I’m a graduate from the University of Central Florida (Go Knight!) with my bachelor of science in Early Childhood Education and Development with minors in Sociology and Psychology and Photo-Journalism.

I know that was a mouth full, right?!

How do those spectrums fit each other, no clue. All I knew was; I wanted to teach, I wanted to learn about how children learn and develop, and I knew I wanted to travel and document it. So I studied them all, lol.

I like to think of myself as a learning junky and anything that sparks my interest, I deepened my knowledge in it. I later went back to school and got my Masters in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Development. I like to call myself the Educator who loves to travel. So if you ever want to chat about traveling, entrepreneurship, saving and finance, travel infused instruction for the classroom, or anything email me at info@JustTravelAndExplore.com

McMillan’s On The Go ™️

Havana, Cuba

McMillan’s On The Go ™️ was birth with the purpose to inspire families, female and solo travelers to just get up a go! Step outside of your norm, experience a new country, get into a space of solitude and reconnect with those inner gifts, build connections while bringing those gifts to life! 

I started creating unique retreats that brought Goal-Getter together with the sole purpose to learn, have fun, collaborate and help to build the next superstar because together we can truly grow! It grew into teaching other Goal- getters how to travel the world, be on the go, while truly exercising their gifts to not only free themselves but their bloodline. 

Additionally, McMillan’s On The Go is also a part id my classroom instruction. I believe travel is the best form of education and since many of my students don’t typically travel, I make it a point to bring my travels into the classroom and since doing so, it has sparked their inner creativity, made learning more engaging and gets student excited do the next lesson. They’ll never know if they’ll be going to Jamaica to study Main Idea or Colombia to compare and contrast. With this, I teach educators how to incorporate their travel into their classrooms to not only spark their students creativity and drive, but it increase student Engagement and curiosity.

Meet the Family

We are the McMillan’s

The McMillan crew in Washington, D.C.


Who said you can’t sip sparkling cider while enjoying the breeze from your balcony cabin?!

Dominic is one of the most coolest, easy-going kid I’ve ever met, and I’m not just saying that ’cause he’s my cool kid. He literally is. He loves having fun, loves to relax and definitely enjoys exploring new places. I love that this kid will take on any adventure even while scared. On one of many trips, he dared to conquer rock climbing and succeeded even while he was scared. I’m not sure where he gets his bravery, but I admire it!


A day at the park

My Iyanna, Banana is the more reserved one of the three. She’s not all for the thrill and the adventure, she’s more about learning and appreciating the location and the culture.

The teacher in me provides a full out lesson prior to visiting every location. I do this because I believe it’s important to infuse education into their travel and it gives them a chance to see the location, prior to actually visiting. It also is a great way to build their anticipation, and when they get the chance to visit, they can now create meaningful connections to what they’ve learned prior. I find that my Iyanna enjoys the prior learning that takes place prior to our family trips, and I absolutely love her “ah-ha” moments, as she connects her prior knowledge during our family trips.


My Malanna, Lanna is the last of the three, but her personality is definitely not the least. She’s the life of the party and keeps us on our feet. She’s all for the adventure, and there better be great food and music for her to get down–or she’ll create her own! Traveling has certainly broadened her vocabulary and increased her appreciation for taking on every challenge each day has to offer.

Sassy pants all strapped up for a snow day in Canada

Mr. McMillan

Ok, so it’s a side picture, only because he hates taking pictures so this is all I got right now. 😉

Vincent and I met in HS, and we’ve been married for over 10yrs. He’s always been super open to all of our adventures with only a few requirements; there must be great food, good liquor, and a beach if it’s a tropical spot. He definitely keeps me grounded and I enjoy creating memories together with our family.

How can I help you?

In 2017 I made a change in my life and I want to help you do the same. I learned how to take control of my life, earn additional income, travel the world, save on things I or friends and family were already doing. And I’m confident that I can help you do the same.

I want to help you take control of your life.

I want to help you save on things you and your family are already doing.

I want to help you design your ideal life and experience life how you choose.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am happy you are here.

Sign up and I will help you design your ideal life.