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Our last trip before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Did I just read “maybe COVID-19 and being quarantined isn’t all that bad?!”

Yes, you did.

Okay, so I know you read that title and probably are thinking that I have got to be crazy or selfish but hear me out.

I know that COVID-19 has taken the lives of many, which that’s a whole lot of not-so-good-stuff.

Yes, I know, I have been impacted in that area. I also understand and that COVID-19 has also caused many families to either lose their jobs, lowered hours of work, or having to work from home. I, too, have been impacted in those areas.


Rather than focus on the loss I’ve experienced, and drown myself in sadness and depression. I choose to use my pain to spark creativity deep inside and appreciate those and what I still have. And you should do the same.

Yes, it is easy to focus on what has been taken away and what is not going right. But when you think about it, what kind of good exactly is coming out of such focus? Let me answer that for you, NOTHING. Choosing to focus on the positives and looking deeper within myself has allowed me to find gifts I never knew I had, or just had but never acted upon them.

So here’s some GOOD, I’ve found in COVID-19 Pandemic

Good # 1 in COVID-19

Quality Time

COVID-19 has taught me the importance of spending quality time with the ones you love. It has given me the time to know the members of my family, to know the good, the bad, and the differences.

It has given me the time to do art projects with my kids.

It has given me the time to cook a good home cooked meal without feeling rushed to meet a deadline for work or school.

It has given me time to sit and eat that home-cooked meal together as a family, something we don’t get to do often. We’ve been on quarantined for over 21 days, and we have had dinner together every single night, and it feels GREAT!

It has given us time to enjoy our beautiful backyard.

It has given us time to have family movie nights together, family game night and so much more.

It has given me time to really help my kids in areas they lack confidence academically and socially.

COVID-19 has given me back family time, and I AM GRATEFUL.

Yes, we’ve had losses due to COVID-19, but we REFUSE to focus on what is lost and instead on what we STILL have in front of us, and appreciate every moment of it.

Good #2 in COVID-19

The air we breathe

It has taught me never to take the very air that you breathe for granted. It has become so automatic for us that we don’t realize its importance until we are fighting for a crumb of air to pass throughout the lungs. I am grateful for the opportunity to breathe.

Good #3 in COVID-19

Tell people how you feel

Always, always, always TELL your loved ones that you love them because, in the blink of an eye, they could be swept away from you. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a crisis for us to realize the beauty that is before us.

Good #4 in COVID-19

Tap into your creative side.

COVID-19 has caused many across the globe into quarantine, and I know the very thought of not being able to go outside had driven a lot of people crazy, at first, but look at it positively. Quarantine has provided time to work on projects you’ve never had time to complete prior. It has given time to start cooking home-cooked meals again. Start creating various projects, start a Youtube Channel, by the way, here’s my shameless plug; I have taken this downtime to begin my Youtube Channel to share travel stories, life adventures and more, so be sure to check it out.


COVID-19 has quarantined us and has allowed many to start many home-based businesses that are enabling families to secure finances for their families in an uncertain economy. It has allowed many to position themselves to take charge of their earnings.

By the way;

If you want information on a home-based business opportunity that gives you the potential to earn an extra $500 or $1,000 and even more monthly, click here.

GOOD #5 in COVID-19

Be thankful you are still here.

Look at the bright side. If you still have LIFE in your body and you can take a deep BREATH, you still have PURPOSE. You still have work to do, and you can still accomplish your goals. Not many can celebrate those two factors.

So go out there and knock those goals out! And live life while you still have it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you were inspired and will move forward with a reason to be grateful.

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38 Comments on Maybe COVID-19 and being quarantined isn’t all that bad.

  1. I love that you saw good things in this pandemic. Thank you for the optimism. I hope it infects more people.

  2. Absolutely – there’s more good in this than we’re realizing. Our expenses have come down because we’re no longer eating out all the time or travelling, or spending mindlessly on shopping. Life has slowed down and we’re living a lot more like the simpler times. It’s a beautiful time to be experiencing this momentous shift.

  3. I think this has two parts where one is good for being at home and spend time wih family for some people and the other is bad fincailly for some people.You have good point!

    • True, I don’t like the fact that income is missing, but this missed time we’ve had has been great!

    • I can agree with being a little restless, but this much needed time with family and less spending has definitely been amazing!

  4. I also see it the way you do. This COVID-19 is indeed a pandemic (just like the other global pandemic like tuberculosis) however, this also gives us the opportunity to be very mindful of our health, to other people, and appreciate what we already have… time with our family.

  5. I agree with you now I have a lot of time to my family I have time to clean our house and develop my new hobbies

  6. This time helped me to realise how much I was taking for granted. Yes, it has given us time to feel gratitude to be here, time for ourselves and nature is healing.

  7. I get good quality time at home too. I seem less tired and stressed. For some people these times are like on a rollercoaster, but for some people these times are peaceful if they are self isolating and are able to work from home. Hope everyone is staying safe🍀

    • Same here, I do pray that everyone stays safe. But I do know that when we shift our focus and plant it on something positive, we bring those energies to ourselves.

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