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Meet Natalie

Natalie Nicole Graham

Natalie is your typical South Carolina country girl. She grew up in Hartsville, where she enjoys eating anything made from pigs and fresh vegetables from her family’s garden. Natalie is an introvert at heart but never allowed her reserved spirit to limit her massive dreams. Natalie believes strongly in the power of manifestation, and if you can manifest your dreams and put the work forth, you can achieve it. She followed the typical societal blueprint of attending college at Johnson & Wales University in Charleston SC, where she majored in Hotel and Hospitality Management. But it wasn’t long before Natalie realized that the typical corporate America life was not the path for her.

Natalie faced many challenges. She became a mom at 15 and struggled to feed her family. She applied for governmental assistance and was denied. She was told she would never make it in life because she was a teen mom and was looked at as just another struggling teen mom by many. But she was determined not to allow the negative opinion of others to become her reality. She was determined not to become another statistic.

What Was Her Turning Point?

Natalie found herself in her cubicle as a claims adjuster thoroughly checked out and reflecting on her current situation. She was broke, behind on her bills, struggling to make ends meet, and realized that her current position was not going to give her the time, personal or financial freedom that she desired, so she had no choice but to find a way to change her current situation.

The power of manifestation. At that moment, Natalie started noticing a social media friend who was always eating lunch in the middle of the day with his children. He appeared to have the personal and time freedom that Natalie prayed and manifested. Natalie wanted personal freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom, and this gentle was the epitome of what she wanted for herself and her family. Therefore, she took a leap of faith and reached out to the gentlemen, he shared exactly what he does, and the rest, as they would say, was history.

How Did She Do It?

Natalie Coaching The Team

Before we go into how she did it; It’s important to understand that anyone who truly wants to win can, however, know that this industry is not for everyone. The earning potential is never guaranteed, as earnings are based on individual’s dedication, consistency, and drive; however, it is possible, as demonstrated by Natalie. However, not everyone is guaranteed to make income or even over $80,000 residually.

So what did she do?

She gave up time with family

She gave up sleep.

She gave up going out with friends.

She mastered social media marketing.

She got a calendar to remain consistent.

She plugged into a winning culture.

She connected with her coach weekly.

She increased her drive.

She was committed to being successful.

She didn’t allow her WHY, the reasons why she started to then become her WHY NOT.

She took the rejections and kept on going.

She got into beast mode.

She woke up early and went to bed late.

She developed as a leader.

She used her product, and taught others how to do it.

She made ZERO excuses even when she was going through a custody battle, going through bankruptcy, struggled to feed her family. SHE MADE ZERO EXCUSES.

She was DETERMINED to win. MADE the necessary sacrifices and kept on going.

What Does It Take to be Successful?

Natalie at a yacht hotel in Spain

In a nutshell, it takes immense dedication. It takes massive determination. It takes enormous consistency. It is a process. It takes accepting the rejections and not taking it personal and not allow those rejections to stop you. It takes being determined to want change and going after it. It takes being relentless.

What Industry and Why?

Natalie in Bali

The industry is TRAVEL, an 8 Trillion dollar industry projected to be 15 Trillion in the next 10yrs. It is the sexiest industry globally, the most refreshing, one where you can have the most fun and one that allows you to create lasting memories. It’s an industry that all other industries rely on, and even during a pandemic, essential travel still took place. Everyone uses travel to run and operate their business, so it only made sense.

What Was The Hardest Thing to Overcome?

The hardest thing to over was learning how to deal with different personalities with understanding.

Can others have this success?

Yes, others CAN have success in this industry. But it will take hard work, tough skin, dedication, consistency, determination, and a will to succeed.

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35 Comments on She FIRED her Boss and now Makes OVER $80,000 a Month from Home.

  1. Such an inspiring post. What an amazing journey Natalie had where she stayed dedicated to making her dreams come true. This is very uplifting and motivating that hard work and dedication truly could pay off someday. This story is amazing 💜

  2. Natalie sounds like an amazing woman. I love reading stories of people winning at life. All it takes is one thought to click in your mind and change everything you thought you knew. Natalie you are so inspirational!

  3. It’s great that Natalie didn’t let her past and present decide her future. She saw what she wanted to do and put 100% into it until she got there. Great job!

  4. for me she kinda like more of a superwoman..after all those struggles in life.she was able to turn the tide and become succesfull..very inpiring…what a great article thanks for sharing

    • Indeed. I love that she didn’t allow her struggles to stop her from achieving her goals.

    • Success takes massive sacrifices and lots of hard work, and she has been a wonderful example.

  5. This is so inspiring. Sometimes when you already losing hope the better opportunity comes. This story is inspiration for everyone I salute for people who do really work hard.

  6. This is awesome and inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us. One window closes, one door opens for us, we just have to keep looking and be determined.

  7. Her story is truly inspiring! I wouldn’t have had the courage and resilience to go through what she went through and still achieve all that success. Hopefully now, i am on my way there even if things seem discouraging at the moment. I won’t give up. Haha

  8. thanks so much for sharing this inspiring story of Natalie success of fired her boss. I really wish I can be like her too, I dont really fancy my job satisfaction now. cheers,SiennyLovesDrawing

  9. That is a wonderful story, and good for Natalie for following through on her dream. A lot of people want financial freedom, but very few are willing to commit to doing the work fully.

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