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How to spend a weekend in Puerto Rico when you only have TWO FULL days!

Day One


We arrived in Puerto Rico on a Thursday around 11:30 pm, intending to make the best of this weekend while on the island, so here is what we did from start to finish.

Rented a car from Next Car. We were being el cheapos and got our rental car from Next Car rental. To get to Next Car who also services rental from Priceline, you will want to wait on their shuttle service located just outside the airport terminal, and their shuttle will transport you to their rental facility.

We needed the rental for only two days, and we paid $232.14 and filled the gas before returning for $17.47. When we searched for rental cars, most of the other rental companies were charging around $400-$500, and I couldn’t bring myself to rent a car at that price for only 2 days.

The pickup experience took over TWO AND HALF HOURS!!!! When we got to the rental facility, over 20 people were waiting for rental cars and ONLY one person working the counter; it was BEYOND ridiculous!! I felt so bad for the gentlemen as he seemed to be working the counter and assisting outside with returns. He was charming but definitely being overworked.

Please note that a major credit card is ideal for renting to avoid having a $500 hold on your debit card than a $200 hold on your credit card. You will also be asked about rental coverage. You are given the option to use your personal car rental coverage only if your personal car is 2015 or newer or purchase Next Car’s rental coverage. We opted to use the rental coverage provided by our credit card. Also, while exploring outside of the island, you can choose to add toll for an additional $9.99 per day or avoid tolls but keep in mind avoiding tolls will add more to your travel time. Also, note that there is a cleaning fee (not reflected on your reservations at booking but added when you pick up). Please also keep in mind that Puerto Rico has 3 taxes (State tax, item tax, and general tax), not sure if that matters to you, but I am the type of traveler who likes to know what I am paying for to truly have an idea of the cost of my total trip.

After the two and half hour wait for the rental car, we were finally able to drive to our hotel to settle and prepare for the next day. CLICK here to read about our hotel experience.

Day Two


  1. Puerto Rico Sign Picture

You can’t visit PR and not take a picture with the Puerto Rico sign, and the good thing is that you can find this all over the island. This one is conveniently located in the convention center just outside the Aloft hotel. It makes a cute photo for your Instagram feed.

2. Breakfast at Finca Cialitos.

Location: 267 C. de San Francisco, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico.

We were actually looking for another spot to eat breakfast but found out it went out of business due to COVID-19, so we found this neat coffee shop with the most delicious sandwiches and mouth-watering smoothies. The atmosphere was very relaxing and welcoming, and the food was deliciously amazing and definitely worth it.

3. Walk the streets of San Juan

San Juan’s streets are brightly colored with so many rich cultures you’ll find a picture-perfect spot at every corner.

4. Puerto Rican Black Flag

Love symbolic murals? This beauty is a must.

Location: 55 Calle San Jose (between Calle de Sol and Calle de Sebastian)

In 2016 this iconic door was painted black as a symbol of mourning, resistance, and civil disobedience from Puerto Ricans. It’s also a great Instagram-worthy picture.

5. Visit El Morro and Visit Cristobal

When in San, you’ve got to visit this historic spot. Castillo San Felipe del Morro, also known as el Morro named after Phillip II of Spain. It’s located at the northwest point of San Juan. The cost of entry is $10 for both El Morro and San Cristobal Fort. This beauty was built in San Juan and is dated back to the 16th century when Puerto Rico was under Spanish rule. This former military structure is now an iconic historical site to see.

6. Enjoy a Street Gelato

Love gelato?

You can find this sweet treat from several vendors just outside El Morro. There were several flavors to choose from. You can have it individually or mixed. This one is the mixed option. You have the option for small for $3 or large $5.

7. Have Lunch at St. Germain

St. Germain is a Vegan-friendly restaurant with other non-vegan options as well. I had what is called “The Pepper,” a stuffed bell pepper with stew beans, deliciously laid on top of a mixture of rice, peas, nuts, and sliced grapes. My husband has a Mahi wrapped with veggies and the most delicious sauce (I honestly don’t remember the sauce’s name, if you go, ask for extra sauce). Our food paired with their signature drink, St. Germain. It has a spicy-ginger-cinnamon kick to it, mixed with guava and their signal St. Germain.

Location: 156 Calle Sol, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

8. Enjoy the beach at Escambrom Beach in San Juan

Beach anyone?

Puerto Rico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Escambron Beach is one of the local beaches in San Juan and is highly recommended by the locals. Entrance per vehicle is $5. You can’t visit Puerto Rico and not hit up the beaches, right?!

9. Dinner at Metropol Restaurant Sheraton Hotel Convention Center District.

Salmon Mofongo

We had Salmon Mofongo from Metropol Restaurant Sheraton Hotel Convention Center District.
You can pretty much Google Metropol Restaurant by Sheraton Hotel convention center in PR, and the exact address comes up.

Cuban Rice and Fried Cod Fish

Cuban Rice and Codfish. This baby was crispy and delicious!! Cuban Rice with Codfish can found on many menus on the island, but we enjoyed ours from the Metropol Restaurant as well.

Day Two


10. La Salinas in Cabo Rojo

Las Salinas. I’m not sure how these salt beds became an attraction, but they sure make a good spot for dope pictures.

Las Salinas is a scenic spot in Cabo Rojos, about 2hrs and 45mins outside San Juan (when avoiding tolls). It can be a bit tricky to find because the GPS will take you to a wildlife refuge spot, but if you drive less than a block from the wildlife refuge, you’ll see a small gate that lets you walk into these beautiful salt beds.

Now, the view is amazing but the smell, not so much. It’s not terrible, but you’ll definitely smell a few fishy smells from bird’s leftovers of dead fish, and towards the end, some washed-up trash from the ocean. However, if you can overlook that or not walk towards the end, you’ll be find admiring the beauty and taking some dope pictures.

Please note, do not touch the water/salt beds, and be careful while walking the bridge way between each salt bed. Also, closed-toe shoes are highly recommended.

Location: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

11. La Cueva Ventana

Puerto Rico has over 200 caves. Of those only 150, you can actually view or enter. One of which is Cueva Ventana. Some call this gem the “window cave” or “black cave,” either name you choose; it is a must while in Puerto Rico. Cueva Ventana is about 2hrs and 45mins from San Juan, driving a car and avoiding tolls (the time can be less if taking the toll route). Reservations are required, and note that the last tour leaves at 4 pm and is currently opened at 8 am.

The cost for entry is $19 per person plus taxes. The tour is about an hour and 45mins and well worth it. Please note that closed-toe shoes are required, you’ll need some bug spray, and you’ll be required to wear a hard hat as you’ll be entering caves where there are low areas where you could potentially brush your head up against some walls. This also protects you from any bat droppings as you enter the caves. On the way, you’ll walk through the forest and see potential wildlife such as frogs, birds, snails (might I add some pretty big, some the size of a small child’s fist), and possibly snakes (thankfully, we didn’t see any).

Dinner at Bosque Bello Bar & Lunch

After leaving Ceuva Ventanna we found this shop just outside the caves and ordered Fish Tacos and Shrimp Empanadas, if you’re like me and love patty’s, then Empanadas are right up your alley.  These babies were delicious from start to finish, and guess what?! They are freshly made to order, so you’ll have to wait a bit, but the wait is well worth it!!
Location: C/10 KM 75 Hato Viejo, Arecibo, PR 00612

Day Three


The length of our trip was Thursday-Sunday. However, we did activities Friday and Saturday. So even with only two full days on the island, we could maximize our time and did a lot!

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Enjoyed our post? Leave me a comment. I would love to know if you found the information helpful for your next trip to Puerto Rico.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article! Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to visiting Puerto Rico very soon.

  2. Awesome pictures and details of your trip. I feel like I was there and I’m excited about future travels just because of your detailed experience.

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