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I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about the Network Marketing industry, and I thought I would share some information or possibly put a positive spin on some of the negative comments I have read and heard.

I’ve heard the famous it’s a pyramid, why are you in a pyramid scheme or isn’t that a Ponzi Scheme?

Sadly, some organizations are scams that taint the industry, but it’s not fair to group all within the same category because of a few bad apples.

I’ve had some significant successes in the industry, and I want to help you do the same if you choose to make it your business or side hustle.

Now it’s essential to understand the industry and not only focus on the negative responses. And to be quite honest, most negative comments I’ve seen and heard are from people who didn’t try, weren’t consistent in their business, or put the necessary work in that it took to be a successful network marketer.

What Is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is simply a strategy or method used to get your audience’s attention to either purchase a product or service from you or partner with you in business. Network Marketing focuses heavily on the relationships you’ve built and the value you can bring to your clients or potential business partners.

Understanding Network Marketing is equally important as understanding the different types of marketing and how they will fit your business purpose and or business goals.

What Are Some Types of Marketing?

Can’t enjoy a Carnival Cruise without having a Guys Burger. Did I do a good job of marketing how delicious this Guys Burger was?!

There are many types of marketing, but I will only touch on few relevant ones.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a more intimate approach to marketing.

In email marketing, usually, the customer or prospective business partner provides their email to either support your product or services. They love and appreciate the value you bring to the table, so they provide their email in hopes of getting more of what attracted them to your business or service model.

For example, our sister site Just Travel AND Explore, creates unique travel experiences. Someone may visit our website from a promotion or recommendation from a previous explorer. When visitors enter our sister site, we greet them with a welcome newsletter, which also prompts them to input their email to stay up to date on current or future trips. This form of marketing then allows us to capture their email to provide an intimate approach to marketing when promoting current or future trips.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is mostly you going directly to the customer or potential business partner and either offering your services or potential partnership.

For Example, I was at a coffee shop and overheard someone talking about how they want to save on their traveling. I then went over and introduced myself and pardon my interruption for listening, and then shared how I offer unique travel experiences and show travel lovers how to turn their passion for travel into income.

This encounter then landed me a business partner who now books her vacation and travel experiences but now saves each time and also earns. I simply showed her how to do what she already loved to do, but now earn income from it.

She’s now one of our top leaders on our team.

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Another form of marketing is;

Digital Marketing

Turn Your Passion for Travel into Income

I use Digital Marketing in many forms. It could be a still picture or a video clip; both are excellent ways to market your business. It is a great way to grab the attention of your viewers visually.

Cross Marketing

I love using cross-marketing because it allows you to essentially kill two birds with one stone.

For Example;

My blog Just Travel N Explore, is an extension of my Youtube Channel. I write in-depth details on topics like Travel, Entrepreneurship, and Finance. My Youtube Channel then delivers the same or similar content in a visually engaging manner. This form of cross-marketing allows me to target my Youtube viewers AND my blog viewers. Therefore cross-marketing.

It is essential to understand these types of marketing and how they can help your brand.

It’s also important to understand that there is NOTHING wrong with types form of marketing.

What Are Some of The Common misconceptions about Network Marketing?

It is a scam or a Ponzi Scheme?

It’s essential to understand when deciding to be apart of a Network Marketing opportunity when there is no real product available to market or share, that missing factor would make it a scam or scheme. When money is moving and no actual product, that should be a red flag.

What Are Some Possibly Products?

Some types of products that a Network Marketing company may promote could be technology, legal or insurance services, skin or beauty, healthy, and the most popular one travel. There are many more, but these are the relevant ones.

All are possible products within a Network Marketing company or side hustle.

What Are Some of the REAL causes Behind the Negative Perception in Network Marketing?

The People

Many people join Network Marketing opportunities with the wrong mindset and are often inconsistent, which therefore limits their growth in the industry.

For example, a friend joins a Network Marketing opportunity, 2wks after quits and enters another, a month later, quits and joins a different Network Marketing opportunity. This inconsistency then paints a negative image to their audience, who has possibly supported or thought about a partnership with them. However, this inconsistency then tells the viewing audience that probably Network Marketing does not work, and it might not be for me, when in fact is could be if you are dedicated and consistent in your work.

The Company

When a Network Marketing company is continuously changing its products or services monthly, and the change isn’t relevant to their brand, then those constant changes can signal a problem within that company.

No Products

If you are apart of a Network Marketing opportunity and you are confused about what products or services they provide, that could signal a problem.

The Truth About Network Marketing

  • It is HARD WORK. But hard work pays off, and it can be a rewarding income option if you are willing to do what it takes to be successful.
  • You must be COMMITTED to the process. Great things take time. You can’t be in, and then you are out, and then in again, such inconsistency limits growth.
  • BELIEVE in the product. You MUST be a product of your product. It is so important to use the product and believe in the product so that as you share with your clients or potential business partners, you can share your personal stories or testimonies.

Benefits of Network Marketing

  • Great income potentials
  • Personal development
  • Increased confidence
  • Room for growth
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Recognition and promotions
  • Increase confidence and communication skills
  • Positive atmosphere

Network Marketing can be a great income option if you are willing to learn the process, be consistent, be coachable, put in the necessary work, and be committed to your success.

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26 Comments on Network Marketing: What You know BEFORE making it your side hustle/business.

  1. This is such a great breakdown. I have been with a couple of network marketing businesses. I’ve seen some friends who are killing it and I’ve seen others that go about it the wrong way and fail.

  2. Network marketing has never been explained this good before, this breakdown has opened my mind to various marketing strategies that would help me grow my conversion rate.

  3. This is such an informative post. Network Marketing is not easy, but as you said, the key is to be willing to learn the process, be consistent, be coachable, put in the necessary work.

  4. These are really great tips. it is very helpful for me since I’ve been researching on ways and options on how to do freelancing and earn from part time side jobs.

  5. hi
    thanks for such an insightful post. I was always not very clear how network marketing works however this post did clear few of the fundamentals phrases that sure used in its field. Of course like you did, it is all about Hard Work and would say integrity also matters in this line of work, Would you agree > once again thanks for the article.

  6. I heard so much about network marketing as some of my friends are into it. I’m glad to have learned more through your post. Thank you for the share!

  7. Thanks for the info on network marketing and how to use it as a side-hustle income source. It definitely is hard work. I agree that sticking to core products that you use yourself and can honestly recommend is the best strategy.

  8. Wow this tips would help a lot especially to those people who want’s to learn about Network Marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I think network marketing is not 100% bad, but only leads to another way if it was mismanaged. If you use it right with accountability, network marketing is like a gold mine.

  10. This is really helpful for those who are seeking fora part time jobs. I’ve never been tried any networking. But it sounds interesting to me. and this time of crisis it is really great for me to have a work from home.

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